Radiological Assessment of Coal Samples from Selected Coal Mines in Nigeria

Abstract Representative samples of coal from Okaba, Kogi State, Enugu, Enugu State, Garin Maiganga, Plateau State, and Gindi Akwati, Gombe State were collected and analyzed for possible radioactivity using Sodium Iodide Detector (NaI). The results shows that coal samples from Okaba coal, Kogi State has 70.622Bq/kg of K-40, 34.183Bq/kg of Ra-226 and 18.826Bq/kg of Th-232;  Enugu, Enugu State has 90.669Bq/kg of K-40, 31.518Bq/kg of Ra-226 and 26.910Bq/kg of Th-232, Garin, Maiganga coal Plateau State has 117.325Bq/kg of K-40, 32.213Bq/kg of  Ra-226  and 46.636Bq/kg of Th-232, Gindi, AkwatiGombe State has 25.505Bq/kg of K-40, 29.085Bq/kg of Ra-226 and 14.367Bq/kg of Th-232. The results showed that the radioactivity dosage from the sample were below the World Average Natural Dose which is 370Bq/kg per year. The rank profile of radioactivity in the coal samples are, for K-40; Garin Maigang>Enugu>Okaba>Gindi Akwati, for Ra-226; Okaba>Garin Maiganga>Enugu>Gindi Akwati, for Th-232; Garin Maiganga>Enugu>Okaba>Gindi Akwati. The determined radioactivties and the concentration of the various samples from the selected location are within the permissible limits.

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Updated: April 28, 2018 — 2:25 am