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  13. Proximate and Ultimate Analysis of Walnut Shell as a Potential Low Cost Adsorbent using Different Activating Agents (KOH and H2SO4)
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  15. Evaluation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons of Some Woods, Charcoals and Coal of Nasarawa State, Nigeria
  16. Analysis of Cu and Pb Contamination of Soil and Earth Worm Casts in Kwande Metropolis, Benue Sate-Nigeria
  17. Metabolites Composition of Garcinia kola Extract as Potential Substitute for Isomerized Hop Extract in Beer Brewing
  18. Sorption Kinetics of Cr(lll), Cd(ll) and Pb(ll) ions from aqueous solution by Monkey bread (Piliostigma thonningii) seed pod
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