Volume 2 Issue 4 2017

Nutritional Composition of Grewia mollis Stem Bark
Nanbol N. Gambo., Gomerep B., Apagu N. Thliza., Dapel S. Ayuba
Page No. 1-4

Water quality index and correlation study for the assessment of water quality and its parameters in Etim Ekpo, Nigeria
Eno A. Moses, Daniel S. Udiong, Essien D. Udosen, Iboroakam E. Udosen
Page No. 5-15

Comparative Evaluation of Phytochemical Constituents, Bitterness Characters and Essential Oil Contents of Extracts from Four Nigerian Plants as Potential Substitutes for Isomerized Hop Extract in Beer Brewing
Vincent Nwalieji Okafor, Joseph Jideofor Obodoeze
Page No. 16-21

Studies on the Removal of Petroleum Hydrocarbons (PHCs) from a Crude Oil Impacted Soil Amended with Cow Dung, Poultry Manure and NPK Fertilizer
Christopher U. Aghalibe, Jude C. Igwe, Anthony I. Obike
Page No. 22-30

Phytochemical and in vitro antimicrobial efficacies of the crude flavonoids and saponins rootbark extract of Combretum glutinosum perrot. Ex. Dc.
Hamidu Usman, Fatima A. Sadiq, Babakura Mohammed, Halima A. Umar, Muhammad A. Tijjani, Nasiru Y. Pindiga, Adamu I. Zadva, Bala A. Thliza, Ibrahim A. Ahmed
Page No. 31-36

Determination of percentage yield of oil extracted from watermelon seeds (A case study of Mainok, Kaga local government Borno state)
Busuguma UA, Jamila B Yakasai
Page No. 37-41

Determination of Concentration of Flouride in Some Boreholes (A case study of Monguno Local Government Area)
Fulata M.A., Busuguma U.A., Ngubdo A.M., Bulama A.M., Gadam A.
Page No. 42-46

Synthesis, Characteristics and Antiplasmodial studies of the deoxy and disulphide Derivatives of Dihydroartemisinin
Etim EI*, Johnson EC, Bassey UB, Essien EE
Page No. 47-54

Comparative Analysis of Heavy Metals in Some Vegetables within Maiduguri Metropolis
Fulata A.M., Busuguma U.A., Gadam A., Bulama A.M., Ngubdo, A.M.
Page No. 55-58

Flavonoids: The Bioactive Phytochemical Agent–A Review
Hamidu Usman, Fanna I. Abdulrahman, Haruna A. Kaita, Irfan Z. Khan, Muhammad A. Tijjani
Page No. 59-72

Isolation and Management of Fungal Pathogens Associated with Neck Rot Disease of Onions (Allium cepa L.) in Maiduguri, Borno State
Alhaji Abdulsalam Ahmed, Aishatu Mustapha
Page No. 73-77

Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Oxidation of Thiosulphate by Potassium Trisoxalatoferrate (iii) in Aqueous Hydrochloric Acid Medium
B.O. Ogori, Y.N. Lohdip
Page No. 78-83

Synthesis, structural properties and characterisation of self activating Na2Zr(BO3)2
Ş. Gacanoğlu, H. Güler, A. Teke, R. Tülek
Page No. 84-90

CFD Modeling of Biofouling in Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) with COMSOL Multiphysics software
Nima Nazari, Mahdi Naseryar, Alireza Bayat, Maliheh Torki, Moein Shahriyari, Maryam Ghiassvand, Khashayar Majedinasab
Page No. 91-97

Synthesis of P-isopropylacetonate-N-methyl-1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane
Sitaram Acharya
Page No. 98-103

Water Quality Assessment of Lake Edku using physicochemical and Nutrients Salts, Egypt
Mohamed A. Okbah, Ahmed M Abd El-Halim, Mohamed A. Abu El-Regal, Mohammed El. Nassar
Page No. 104-117

Preparation, Microstructure and Cytotoxicity Research on Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan-Chondroitin Sulfate
Qingjiao Han, Mande Qiu, Yanlong Cui, Meihong Liu
Page No. 118-124

Water treatment chlorination: An updated mechanistic insight review
Djamel Ghernaout
Page No. 125-138

Browning, Viscosity and Moisture Sorption Characteristics of Fresh and Stored African Breadfruit Kernel Flour
Peter I . Akubor, Mathew K. Egbekun
Page No. 139-145

Utilizing CPM/PERT Cost Function and Earned Value System in Monitoring and Controlling Building Projects (A Case Study of Recently Completed 5-Bedroom Detached Duplex at G.R.A, Maiduguri)
Nwakor A.A, Ngita I, M.A Faringida, Dammo M.N, Aghidi, J.
Page No. 146-157

Efficacy of Cassia nodosa extracts in the management of cercospora leaf spot of sugar beet caused by Cercospora beticola
Abd El-Nasser B. El-Sayed, Suzy A. El-Sherbeni
Page No. 158-170

Adsorption of Cr(lll), Pb(ll) and Cd(ll) ions from aqueous solution by Monkey bread (Piliostigma thonningii) seed pod
Ekuma, F.K., Amadi, K.O., Ngwu, C.M, Enengdi, P. E.
Page No. 171-178

Degradation of Ascorbic Acid during Baking
Oznur Gurler Topcu, Sukru Karatas
Page No. 179-187

Lattice energies for metal halides from average orbital electronegativities
Robson Fernandes de Farias
Page No. 188-190

A preliminary infrared study of the cellulose of some world stamps
Juan S. Gómez-Jeria, Ernesto Clavijo
Page No. 191-197

A Theoretical Study of the Relationships between Electronic Structure and 5-HT1A and 5-HT2A Receptor Binding Affinity of a group of ligands containing an isonicotinic nucleus
Juan S. Gómez-Jeria, Ernesto Clavijo
Page No. 198-213

Hypoglycemic Effect of Polyherbal Formulation in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats
Navneet Sharma, Anju Goyal
Page No. 214-219