Volume 1 Issue 4 2016

Statistical Analysis of Biogas Production from Co-digestion of Cornstalk with Goat Dung using a One Factor Design
Adepoju TF, Olatunbosun BE, Olawale O
Page No. 1-10

Failure Analysis of Timber (Wood) in Constructional Work for Engineering Application (Afterglow Time and Oven Dry Densities of Some Tropical Timbers)
EI Okoye, AN Eboatu
Page No. 11-21

[Retracted] Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Potential of Terminalia arjuna (Roxb) Wt. & Arn.
Iftikhar Jan, Inamullah Khan, Anwar Ali Shad, Ibrarullah
Page No. 22-29

Determination of Heavy Metals in Soil from Bokkos and Mangu Local Government Areas of Plateau State, Nigeria
Jonathan Nelson, Babagana Kolo, Bala Usman, Esther Yayi Adamu
Page No. 30-34

Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorption on Cobalt (II) and Chromium (III) Modified kaolinite
Luiz CD Batista, Deyse de S. Dantas, Robson F de Farias
Page No. 35-38

Investigating the Van Der Waals Equation “A” and “B” Parameters for Hydrocarbons (C1 to C24) by Computational Modelling
Robson Fernandes de Farias
Page No. 39-43

Thermophilic Anaerobic Co-digestion of an Alkali Treated Musa sapientum Plant Waste (MSPW) and Cattle Dung for Biogas Production and its Statistical Analysis: a Case of One Factor Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
Adepoju TF, Babalola R, Olatunbosun BE
Page No. 44-53

Chemical Composition and Biological Activity of Balansaea glaberrima Desf. and Lange, Leaf and Stem Essential Oils
Malikarahmouni, Hocine Laouer, Salah Akkal, Farida Sahli, Bruno Marongiu, Danilo Falconieri
Page No. 54-58

Comparative Study between Water Saturation Capacity (WSC) and Oven Dry Density (ODD) As Fire Characteristics of Some Tropical Timbers (ODD)
EI Okoye, AN Eboatu
Page No. 59-64

Microwave Assisted Anhydride Catalyzed by Synthesis of 2-Amino-5-Aryl-1,3,4-Thiadiazoles
Jadhav SA, Vaidya SR, Nagre HB, Dengle ST
Page No. 65-70

Corrosion Inhibition Study of Proguanil Hydrochloride for Mild Steel Corrosion in 2.0 M HCl by Weight Loss Method
Akpan IA, Obodom MI, Francis AJ
Page No. 71-83

In-vitro Antimalarial Activity of Ethanoic and Aqueous Extracts of Atamono (Millettia aboensis) Leaves
Happiness A. Orlu, Susan D. Symes
Page No. 84-89

Synthesis, Characterization and Antioxidant Properties of Some Metal(II) Complexes of Mixed Drugs-Vitamin Bx and Aspirin
Adesoji A Olanrewaju, Tolulope I Oni, Aderoju A Osowole
Page No. 90-96

Assessment of Heavy Metal Concentration in the Vicinity of Industrial Area, Srikakulam Dt. (A.P.)
A.V.L.N.S.H. Hariharan, K.S.R. Murthy
Page No. 97-99

Determination of Glucose Concentrations and Acidity in Selected Soft Drinks Marketed in Port Harcourt Nigeria
Akrokeokia P Bagshaw, Tubonimi JK Ideriah, Chinonso G Onyekachi
Page No. 100-104

Effect of Heat Treatments on Microhardness and Roughness of Al-4Ti/1wt% MgO Composite
Rana A Anaee, Wafaa M Salih, Ban F Dawood
Page No. 105-109

Production of Hydrogen by Electrolysis of water and Plasmochemical Treatment of the Gascondensates-Waste of the Gas Industry
Inom Sh Normatov, Makhmadrezbon T Idiev, Nurmakhmad Shermatov, Abdulnosir Zokirov, Davlat Q Solikhov
Page No. 110-116

Investigation of Proximate and Fatty Acid Compositions of Champsodon nudivittis, A Discard Fish, from Northeastern Mediterranean
Ayse Ozyilmaz
Page No. 117-121

Dependency of Flame Duration of Some Tropical Timbers on Their Oven Dry Densities
EI Okoye, AN Eboatu
Page No. 122-131

Microbiological and Chemical Examinations of Water and Fish Obtained From River Nile of Damietta Governorate, Egypt
Husain A El-Fadaly, Sherif M El-Kadi, Salah E El-Kholy
Page No. 132-140

Problem-Solving and Concept Mapping Strategies as Determinants of Students’ Achievement in Some Environmental Concepts in Chemistry
Olatunbosun Segun Mobolaji
Page No. 141-146

Cytoprotective, Conjugative and Antioxidant Activities of Glutathione; and Its Role in Removal of Toxic Metabolites and Protein Protection: A Review
Idris Z Sadiq, Pankaj T, Amir R Khan, Naziru D, Safiyanu I, Abdulkadir R Salisu
Page No. 147-153

Cu (II) and Hg(II) captopril compounds in aqueous media: A calorimetric study
Tatiane de Medeiros, Deyse de S. Dantas, Robson F. de Farias
Page No. 154-156

The influence of salicylic acid on 1000 grain weight, germination percent and biological yield of wheat in the sistan region
Mehdi Mazraei, Hamid Reza Ganjali, Mohammad Reza Narouei Rad
Page No. 157-160

Effects of Salt Stress on Some Characteristics in Crop Plants
Mehdi Mazraei
Page No. 161-164