Volume 4 Issue 3 2019

Synergistic Effect of Zingiber officinale and Nigella sativa Combinations in Ameliorating Carbon tetrachloride-Induced Liver Injury in Female Rats
Hala F. Abdelhamid, Abdel Mohsen M. Soliman
Page No. 1-18

A Systematic Review on the Recent Advances in the Pharmacological Activities of Dihydropyrimidinones
Jeena Thomas K, Mathew George, Lincy Joseph
Page No. 19-23

A Review on Glycosylation and Its Implications of Biological Interest
Salna Susan Abraham, Lincy Joseph, Mathew George
Page No. 24-29

A DFT analysis of the relationships between electronic structure and affinity for dopamine D2, D3 and D4receptor subtypesin a group of 77-LH-28-1 derivatives
Juan S. Gómez-Jeria, Nicolás Garrido-Sáez
Page No. 30-42

Standardization and Precision comparison of total Vitamin D (25-OH-Vit D) on Cobas E411 and Beckman Access 2
Ishrat Sultana, Shazia Naureen, Junaid Mahmood Alam, Qurat-Ul Ain Jabbar
Page No. 43-47

A preliminary FTIR-ATR and XRF analyses of the cellulose of four postcards from the Reichskommissariat Ostland and the German occupations of Pleskau (Russia) and Latvia
Juan S. Gómez-Jeria, Sebastián Gutierrez, Guadalupe Pizarro
Page No. 48-57

Methodological problems in the analysis of the Raman spectra of the paper of some postage stamps from Crete
Juan S. Gómez-Jeria, Camilo Segura, José J. Cárcamo-Vega
Page No. 58-67

Comparison of Oxidative Damage and Antioxidant Parameters of Coronary Bypass Surgery Patients with Healthy Population
Fevzi Sarper Türker, Ayşe Doğan
Page No. 68-74

Physico-chemical, Mechanical and Mycological Properties of Cement Pastes Incorporating Vinasse
Ayman Mohamed Kandeel, Samah Adel Sanad, Samah Abdel-Razik Mohammed
Page No. 75-85

Determination of Bromate Content of Selected Bread Brands Consumed within Port Harcourt and Its Environs
Naze A. Ugochukwu, Owhoeke Elechi, Ekpete A. Ozioma
Page No. 86-91

Evaluation of Analytical Precision and linearity of Troponin I, Vitamin B12 and Folic acid on Cobas e411 and Beckman Coulter Access 2 immunoassay analyzers
Ishrat Sultana, Shazia Naureen, Junaid Mahmood Alam, Qurat-Ul Ain Jabbar
Page No. 92-97

The Chemical Evaluation And Anti-Microbial Screening Of Extracts From Seeds And Leaves Of Telfairia Occidentalis (Fluted Pumpkin)
E.I. Okoye, F.C. Orakwue
Page No. 98-104

Musa sapientum Peels as Infallible Components in Ruminants Feed Formulation
Hassan, U.F., Hassan, H.F., Ibrahim, A.B., Hassan, A.F., Lawal, N.M., Tabe, N.N., Ushie, O.A.
Page No. 105-110

Preliminary Study on the Pharmaceutical Constituents of Acalypha wilkesiana and Production of Phytodrug for the Treatment of Skin Infection
E.I. Okoye, S.N. Amadi

Page No. 111-116

The total petroleum hydrocarbon contents of the ambient air within Port Harcourt and environs
Dibofori-Orji, Amalo Ndu, Kalagbor Ihesinachi, Ekpete Ozioma Adaunwo

Page No. 117-123

Impacts of Phosphates on Water Quality and Aquatic Life
Hamza Badamasi, Muhammad N. Yaro, Ali Ibrahim, Iliyasu A. Bashir

Page No. 124-133

Alkaloids: A Continuation of Search for Antimalarial Leads
Yusuf Hassan, Abdullahi H. Dangani

Page No. 134-140


Page No. 141-147