Volume 3 Issue 1 2018

Destructive and Nondestructive Analysis of Some Modern Coins using ICP-AES and PIXE Techniques
S. A. Waly, M. M. Shehata, A. Massoud
Page No. 1-8

Qualitative and Quantitative Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Screening of Solvent Extracts of Amaranthus hybridus (Stem and Leaves)
E.I. Okoye
Page No. 9-13

Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Activities of Calotropis procera Extracts on Selected Pathogenic Microorganisms
O. S. Asoso, M.K. Oladunmoye, A.O. Ogundare
Page No. 14-22

Effect of Storage Temperature on the Development of Rancidity by selected Vegetables Oils sold in Jalingo Main market, Taraba State-Nigeria
Azuaga IC, Abare L, Jen DB, Ogori B Ogundare
Page No. 23-27

Green Chemistry for Low Carbon Emission and Healthy Environment
Moshood A. Belewu, Mubarak O. Ameen, Ramar Krishnamurthy
Page No. 28-33

Maize Waste Biomass as an Adsorbent for the Removal of Pb2+, Zn2+ and Cu2+ from Aqueous Solution
Nsikak Bassey Essien
Page No. 34-44

Equilibrium, Isotherm Studies of Dye Adsorption onto Orange Peel Powder
Khaled Al-Azabi, Sadig Al-Marog, Amal Abukrain, Mohamed Sulyman
Page No. 45-59

Degradation of Lignin Substrates by Lignolytic Bacteria Isolated from Earthworm
Wijana IW, Mudita IM
Page No. 60-63

Application of Green Synthesis Ag-NPs from Lawsonia inermis (Henna) Plant as Antifungal &Non Toxic Nonmaterial in Drinking Water Purification
Samah Abdel Razik Mohamed
Page No. 64-73

Sorghum Waste as an Adsorbent for the Removal of Nickel, Copper and Chromium ions from Aqueous Solution
Nsikak B. Essien, Stevens Odoemelam, Uduak Bassey Essien
Page No. 74-83

The Photo- and Electro-Chemical Properties of Anthocyanin Extracts of Red Cabbage
T. D. K. S. Kumara, M. N. Kaumal
Page No. 84-91

Correlation of gamma glutamyl transpeptidase (γGT) levels in patients with hepatitis and related chronic hepatic conditions
Junaid Mahmood Alam, Sana Anwar, Sarah Sughra Asghar, Syed Riaz Mahmood
Page No. 92-97

Iron Profile status and its Usefulness in the Assessment of Iron Deficiencies in Selected Population
Sheikh Matinuddin, Junaid Mahmood Alam, Sheikh Khalid Mahmood, Mahwish Amin
Page No. 98-102

Solar Radiation Intensity Impact on Microalgae Growth Rate
Maan Jenan Basheer
Page No. 103-112

What is the polarizability of element 119?
Robson Fernandes de Farias
Page No. 113-117

Chemical constituents and antimicrobial activity of essential oils from the leaves and stems of Schefflera palmiformis Grushv. & N. Skvorts
Thuc Dinh Ngoc, Ha Nguyen Thi, Tho Mai Thi, Thanh Le Nguyen, Huy Khuc Duong
Page No. 118-121

Synthesis and Comparative Study of Biodiesel from Refined Shea Butter and Black Seed Oil in Admixture
Bello Y. Makama, Idris Habibu
Page No. 122-126

Page No. 127-130

A Study on Theoretical and Experimentical Spectroscopic Properties of 3-Cyclopropyl-4-(3-acetoxybenzylidenamino)-4,5-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5-one
Haydar Yüksek, Özlem Gürsoy Kol, Sevda Manap, Murat Beytur
Page No. 131-138

Matrix Metaloprotinase-8 as Serum Biochemical Marker Accurately Predict Liver Fibrosis in Hepatitis C Patients
Faten Zahran Mohamed, Ibrahim El-Sayed M. El-Deen, Dina Mohamed Mohamed Ismail
Page No. 139-145

Weakness Analysis of Handbook Guidelines for the Nitrogen Oxidation Number Determination Practice and its Solutions for the use of Media Images
Khoironni D Maulana, Rahmawati, Nuni Widiarti
Page No. 146-148