Volume 2 Issue 5 2017

Phytochemical Composition, Proximate Analysis and Vitamin Content of (Tetracarpidium conophorum) Wall Nut Seed
C. E. Igara, D.A. Omoboyowa, R. I. Uchegbu, A. A. Ahuchaogu
Page No. 1-8

Effect of Transfluthrin-Impregnated Insecticide Paper on Some Biochemical Parameters and Lung Histopathology in Rats
I.U. Muhammad, A.J. Alhassan, A.A. Imam, Y.Y. Muhammad, A. Mohammed, I. Alexander
Page No. 9-14

Relationship between Band gap and particle size of Cadmium sulfide Quantum Dots
N. E. Makori, Duke Ayetah Oeba, Cliff Orori Mosiori
Page No. 15-21

Phytochemical, Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Evaluation of the Crude Ethanol and n-hexane Extracts of the Aerial Parts of Laggera aurita Linn.
Ali M. Fulata, Hamidu Usman, Arastus William, Sule Ibrahim, Adamu I. Zadva
Page No. 22-28

Chemical Constituents from the Stem bark of Vitex negundo L.
Shahnaz Sultana, Mohammed Ali, Showkat Rasool Mir
Page No. 29-37

Proximate study, amino acids and Phyto-constituents of raw and boiled Ficus polita Vahl fruits
Obun C. Otu
Page No. 38-43

Comparative Analysis of Effect of Alternative Solvents on Extraction of Moringa oleifera Seed Oil
Evbuomwan B.O., Dick D.T., Chioma A.C.
Page No. 44-50

Sorption Capacity of Chitin and Chitosan-Glucan Biopolymers
L.V. Novinyuk, D.Kh. Kulyov, I.V. Negrutsa, P.Z. Velinzon
Page No. 51-57

Structural Features of Celluloses of Different Origin
Michael Ioelovich
Page No. 58-67

Assessment of Antimicrobial, Phytochemical Screening and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrophotometric Profile of Crude Chrysophyllum Albidum Essential Oil
Oludare Temitope Osuntokun, B.L. Ayegbusi, A.M. Yusuf-Babatunde, O.O. Ige
Page No. 68-85

Study of the Adsorption of Heavy Metals on Clay Activated
Y. Asefers, H. Taouil, A. Qlihaa, A. Amine, M. Doubi, S. Ibn Ahmed
Page No. 86-96

A Review on Synthetic Methods of Nanostructured Materials
Y Ayuk Eugene L, Ugwu Mariagoretti O, Aronimo Samuel B
Page No. 97-123

Proximate and Ultimate Analysis of Walnut Shell as a Potential Low Cost Adsorbent using Different Activating Agents (KOH and H2SO4)
Evbuomwan B.O., Alalibo J.T.
Page No. 124-130

Computational Evaluation of the Druggability and Biological Activity of Iodo-1,4-dihydropyridine Derivatives
Salma, A., El Sherbeni, Tarek, F., El Moselhy
Page No. 131-141

Evaluation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons of Some Woods, Charcoals and Coal of Nasarawa State, Nigeria
E.M. Ndijiekwu, A.C. Etonihu
Page No. 142-147

Analysis of Cu and Pb Contamination of Soil and Earth Worm Casts in Kwande Metropolis, Benue Sate-Nigeria
Tor P.N., Tsaviv N.J., Oloruntoba S.O., Surma N.
Page No. 148-152

Metabolites Composition of Garcinia kola Extract as Potential Substitute for Isomerized Hop Extract in Beer Brewing
Vincent Nwalieji Okafor, Ugochukwu Willson Okafor, Stella Nwakego Ezem
Page No. 153-162

Sorption Kinetics of Cr(lll), Cd(ll) and Pb(ll) ions from aqueous solution by Monkey bread (Piliostigma thonningii) seed pod
Ekuma FK, Amadi KO, Ngwu CM, Ogu H
Page No. 163-171

Explaining the magnetism of gold
Robson Fernandes de Farias
Page No. 172-175

CFD Modeling for Syngas Production from Natural Gas Using Steam Reforming in Nanocatalyst Microreactors
Pouyan Shams Farahsary, Mehran Moazeni Targhi, Farhad Khorasheh
Page No. 176-185

Assessment of metal pollution in the waters of the Oulja wells, Oum Er-Rbia watershed
Y. Asefers, H. Taouil, A. Amine, M. Doubi, S. Ibn Ahmed
Page No. 186-191

Purification and Analysis of bioactive compounds from Citrus aurantifiolia Linn stem bark by Gas- Chromatography-Mass spectrometry
Y Mustapha A. Tijjani, Fanna I. Abdulrahman, Sherrif Adam, Fatima M. Dungus
Page No. 192-203

Immobilization of Chymotrypsin on Selenium Nanoparticles
Anna Titova, Luidmila Borovikova, Albert Kipper, Oleg Pisarev
Page No. 204-214

Isolation and Structural Elucidation of 20 hydroxyecdystone from Vitex doniana Sweet Stem bark (Black plum)
Mustapha A. Tijjani, Y.A. Shettima, Fanna I. Abdulrahman, Irfan Z. Khan, Cong Li, Z. M. Chellube
Page No. 215-220

Preparation and Study of A.C. Electrical Properties of (PVA-PVP-CdS) films
Musaab Khudhur Mohammed, Akeel Shakir Alkelaby, Rehab fadhelabd-al Abbas, Khalid Haneen Abass
Page No. 221-225

Study of AC electrical properties of (PVA-PEG-Sb2O3) Composites
Farah J. Hamood, Musaab Khudhur Mohammed, Khalid Haneen Abass
Page No. 226-230

Health Issues Related to Arsenic Poisoning in Nepal: An Overview
Chaudhary NK
Page No. 231-237

Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Some 3-(N-Arylcarboxamido)-N-benzyl halides
Dmitrii A. Pisanenko, Yurii E. Klimko, Sofia Dubskaja, Yurii L. Voljanskii
Page No. 238-241

Concentrations of Physicochemical Properties and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Soil at Akala-olu Ahoada West Rivers State Nigeria
Ideriah T.J.K., Cookey G.A., Isong U.A.
Page No. 242-256

Quality Assessment and Levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Oil Contaminated Soils in Parts of Rivers State Nigeria
Ideriah T.J.K., Ndokiari Boisa, Sadiq Bazamfare
Page No. 257-269

Quercetin from n-butanol Soluble Fraction of Crude Ethanol Leaf Extract of Cadaba Farinosa Forssk
Tijjani MA, Magaji GM, Yaro AH, Hassan HS, Pateh UU, Sule MI, Bukar LI
Page No. 270-274

Optimization of Graham Glass Condensing Models for Extraction of Natural dye and Rate of Solvent Recovery Process
Jekada JZ, Gonah CM, Garkida AD, Ladan Z
Page No. 275-283

Inhibition of Oilfield Scales using Plant Materials: A Peep into Green Future
Ekemini B. Ituen, Joy I. Ime-Sunday, Edidiong A. Essien
Page No. 284-292

New Studying for One-pot Multicomponent Reactions to Prepare Novel Furochromone Compounds with Antitumor Activity
N.M. Fawzy, A. M. Nasef, M.M.E-Baroudy, A. M. Soliman, Magdy S. Aly
Page No. 293-308

Synthesis of novel [4, 9-dimethoxy-5H-furo [3, 2-g] chromen-5-one] derivatives with antiproliferative potency towards breast and hepatic cancer cell lines
N.M. Fawzy, A. M. Nasef, M.M.E-Baroudy, Abdel Mohsen M. Soliman
Page No. 320-333

GC-MS Analysis of Induced Metabolites in Cell Suspensions of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under Methyl Jasmonate and Ethephon Treatment
Yao KF Konan, Lamine D Mohamadou, Sopie ES Yapo, Tanoh H Kouakou, Jean M Merillon
Page No. 320-333

Biochemical Studies on Red Algae Gelidium sp. Grown in Egypt
Youssef A. Ashoush, Salah M. El-Sayed, Hoda. E. Farid, Mahmoud A. Abd-Elwahab
Page No. 334-341

Analysis of Postprandial Hyper-triglyceridemia in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) Patients with Presence of Micro-albuminuria
Junaid Mahmood Alam, Syed Raiz Mahmood, Amna Hussain, Ishrat Sultana
Page No. 342-347