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Phytochemical, Proximate Composition and Minerals contents of Moringa oleifera

Abstract The aim of the present study was to evaluate the proximate composition, phytochemicals, and minerals contents of Moringa oleifera seeds, family Moringaceae. The proximate analysis reveal the dry matter 94.60%, ash content 2.13 %, crude protein 58.32 %, oil 11.3 %, crude fiber 4.75 % and total carbohydrate content is 23.5%. The phytochemicals analysis of Moringa seeds in this study are phytic acid (351.12 mg/100g), tannin (0.13 mg/100g)   and total polyphenols (629.70 mg/100g).  The minerals content are Ca (42.13 mg/100g), phosphorus (1311.20 mg/100g) and iron (55.98 mg/100g).

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