Inom Sh Normatov, Makhmadrezbon T Idiev, Nurmakhmad Shermatov, Abdulnosir Zokirov, Davlat Q Solikhov

Present the results of research on water electrolysis and plasma-chemical processing gascondensate–waste of gas industry to produce hydrogen. The electrolysis was subjected to the river water and after it electro-sedimentation. Found that due to the complex chemical composition of river water the surface of the electrodes during electrolysis is covered by conglomerates consisting of a set of chemical elements. The threshold voltage is shifted to a lower value compared with the use of electrodes made of stainless steel. At electrolysis of electrosedimented water by use of electrodes from stainless steel a significant number of hydrogen is formed. The principal possibility of the application of low temperature plasmas for the processing of condensates. The pyrolysis of gascondensate with a molecular weight of 140 (C10H20) with an average boiling point of about  55 °C, it was observed that in case use of nitrogen as agents for turbulences of plasma stream, pyrolysis of a gascondensates was accompanied by an acetylene (3÷7 vol. %), ethylene (4÷8vol. %), pyrolysis carbon (10÷15 weight %)

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Updated: April 26, 2017 — 10:48 am

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