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Effect of gibberellin on Plant height and 1000 grain weight of wheat

Abstract Exogenously applied GA3 (0.5 mg L-1) enhanced growth and promoted the accumulation of coumarin content in hairy root cultures. However, some conflicting reports showed that GA3 was ineffective or had slight effects on plant growth. By common literature consensus, the effects of spraying with GA3 might depend on the particular species and surrounding factors.  The field experiment was conducted in Zahak located at the sistan and balouchestan provinces of Iran. Treatments included water stress are control (a1), 10 days once (a2), 20 days once (a3) and  gibberellic acid including 0 ppm (b1), 50 ppm (b2), 100ppm (b3) and 150ppm (b4).  Analysis of variance showed that the effect of water stress and gibberellin on Plant height and 1000 grain weight was significant.

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