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Cu (II) and Hg(II) captopril compounds in aqueous media: A calorimetric study

The interactions in aqueous solution of captopril with Cu(II) and Hg(II) cations are investigated through solution calorimetry. The reactions and respective enthalpy values (kJ mol-1) are: Cu2+ (aq) + Captopril (aq) → [Cu.Captopril]2+ (aq), -27,25; Cu2+ (aq) + 2 Captopril (aq) → [Cu.2 Captopril]2+ (aq), -28,37 and Hg2+ (aq) + Captopril (aq) → [Hg.Captopril (aq)]2+ (aq), -90,34. The soft acid-soft base: Hg(II)-S interaction it is pointed out as the main responsible for the higher captopril-Hg(II) interaction, in comparison with the captopril-Cu(II).

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