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Chemical Composition and Biological Activity of Balansaea glaberrima Desf. and Lange, Leaf and Stem Essential Oils

The biological importance of Apiacea promoted us to investigate the leaves and stem of Balansaea glaberrima (endemic plant) previously not investigate. The study aimed to investigate the antimicrobial, antioxidant and chemical composition of the essential oils

Results: The major components of the oils of B. glaberrima were found to be valencene, apiole and γ-murolene, representing 36.65, 34.87 and 9.83 %, respectively. Antimicrobial activity revealed an important effect against E. coli and A. flavus whereas antioxidant activity showed a low antiradical effect in comparison with BHT. The IC50 of B. glaberrimais 9136.00 µg/ml, while IC50 of BHT is 41.35 µg/ml.

Conclusion: The results presented here can be considered as the first information on the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of B. glaberrima essential oils.

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