Gmelina arborea Seed Oil Characterization, Proximate and Heavy Metal Analyses

Abstract Oil quality of Gmelina arborea seed was investigated. The oil was obtained by solvent extraction using petroleum ether. Percentage oil yield was 10.82%. Proximate analyses showed that the seed contained 4.6% ash, 3.86% crude fiber, 2.98%crude protein, 5.71%mosture, and specific gravity of 0.89. Characterization of the oil showed that the oil had acidity of 3.50mgKOH/g, iodine value of 31.11mg/l, saponification value 33.00mg/g, peroxide value 5.70mg/g, and 1.75%free fatty acid. The low acid and free fatty acid values of the oil indicated that it was not prone to oxidative rancidity, thus good edible oil. The iodine and saponification values showed the oil has low degree of unsaturation, thus non-drying oil and has fatty acid of high molecular weight which makes the oil good for making edible fat, margarine and others. Heavy metals were also determined by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopic method. Lead, cadmium, copper, and mercury were not detected while the value of selenium was 0.002ppm which is below the WHO permissible limit.

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Updated: April 27, 2018 — 4:31 am