Concentrations of Physicochemical Properties and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Soil at Akala-olu Ahoada West Rivers State Nigeria

Abstract The levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Physicochemical Properties and Heavy Metals in Akala-Olu, a crude oil producing community in Rivers State were assessed using standard methods recommended by APHA, Loganathan and EGASPIN for physiochemical parameters, Chromatograph (HP5890 Series II) for PAHs and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer for heavy metals. The results showed ranges of pH 6.20 – 6.78, total organic carbon 0.633% – 1.05% organic matter varied 2.14% – 2.88%,  Electrical conductivity 274µS/cm – 463 µS/cm, total Nitrogen 0.053% at – 0.977%, Available phosphorus 0.15mg/kg – 0.465mg/kg, Ca 199.67mg/kg – 245.08mg/kg, Mg 51.53mg/kg – 75.53mg/kg, Na 44.09mg/kg – 74.70mg/kg, K 41.11mg/kg – 69.83mg/kg, Cd 0.055mg/kg – 0.105mg/kg, Pb 4.065mg/kg – 5.850mg/kg, Al 0.999mg/kg – 2.085mg/kg, Cr 1.978mg/kg – 3.367mg/kg,  Zn, 42.065mg/kg – 50.731mg/kg, Cu 1.474mg/kg – 2.663mg/kg, Fe 4484mg/kg – 6502.50mg/kg, Mn 29.876mg/kg – 33.995mg/kg, Co, 0.001mg/kg did not show any variation in the area. The concentrations of toxic and carcinogenic PAHs ranged from 4.39×10-3 – 5.03×10-2ppm Benzo(a)anthracene, 2.37×10-3 -3.68×10-2 ppm Indeno(1,2,3-c,d)pyrene, 3.84x 10-3 – 7.08×10-2 ppm Dibenz(a,h)anthracene and 1.40×10-4– 7.38×10-3ppm Chrysene. The levels of pH measured indicate that the soils are moderately acidic. The concentrations of most toxic and carcinogenic PAHs such as Benzo(a)anthracene, Indeno(1,2,3-c,d)pyrene, Dibenz(a,h)anthracene and Chrysene exceeded their permissible limits and therefore pose grave environmental and health concerns in the area. There should be awareness campaign and the water in the area should be monitored regularly.

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Updated: May 8, 2018 — 5:23 am