Volume 2 Issue 2 2017

Lipid composition of the water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms
Gerd Liebezeit, Ralf Wöstmann, Daniel Ziehe
Page No. 1-12

Effect of Acid Digestion Methods on Total Metals Recovery from Sludge from Water Treatment Plants (WTPS) in Nigeria
Emmanuel U. Dan, Edu J. Inam
Page No. 13-18

Gmelina arborea Seed Oil Characterization, Proximate and Heavy Metal Analyses
Foster C. Orakwue
Page No. 19-22

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some halogenated isopentyl phenols
Dmitrii A. Pisanenko, Yurii E. Klimko, Yurii L. Voljanskii
Page No. 23-27

Survival Increasing of Sturgeon Fries by Controlling Submerged Weeds
Gelare Goodarzi, Yousef Filizadeh
Page No. 28-32

GC-MS analysis of ethanolic extract of Boswellia dalzieliihutch (burseraceae) root from Nigeria
Anthonia Omoregbeee, MacDonald Idu
Page No. 33-38

Synthesis, Characterization, and Antimicrobial Studies of Propionaldehyde Schiff base Metal (II) Complexes
I. M. Wakil, N. P. Ndahi, M.B. Abubakar, I. Waziri
Page No. 39-45

Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Metal Complexes of Mixed Antibiotics
I. Waziri, G.A. Mala, M.B. Fugu, B. Isa, U. Umaru
Page No. 46-52

The real structure of H3+ is angular
Robson Fernandes de Farias Umaru
Page No. 53-55

Different spectrophotometric methods for determination of miconazole nitrate and hydrocortisone in bulk and in topical pharmaceutical preparation without prior separation
Maha M. Abdelrahman, Ibrahim A. Naguib, Hend M. Nagieb, Hala E. Zaazaa
Page No. 56-65

Spectrophotometric study of the interaction between a novel benzothiazolethioglycoside as antimicrobial agent with bovine serum albumin
Ayman B Farag, Adel M Michael
Page No. 66-72

Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Activity of Cultivated Medicinal Plants Citrus paradisi
Azhari A.Mohammed Nour
Page No. 73-77

Phytochemical, Proximate Composition and Minerals contents of Moringa oleifera
Bader Omer Burham
Page No. 78-83

An Insight on Cooperative Binding of Food Coloring Allura Red AC with Bio Macromolecule
Nasrin Sohrabi, Nahid Rasouli, Zahra Arabpour
Page No. 84-89

A Concept: Improved Hydrogen Production using Pt-N-TiO2 under Visible Light via Photocatalysis Process
Septia Nurkhalisa, Hanifatun Maghfiroh, Eko Budi Wibowo, Emas Agus Prastyo Wibowo
Page No. 90-95

Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Metal Load of Sagbama River, Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
Godwin A. Ebong, Helen S. Etuk
Page No. 96-103

The Role of Hypothalamus in Physiopathology of Diarrheal Dehydration
Volkan Gelen, Gözde Atila, Hamit Uslu, Emin Şengül
Page No. 104-106

Repellency Effect of Essential Oils of Mentha piperita, Rosmarinus officinalis and Coriandrum sativum on Tribolium confusum duval (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
Tahere Rahdari, Mostafa Hamzei
Page No. 107-112

Computational thermochemistry and a structure for gaseous phase NaCl3
Robson F. de Farias
Page No. 113-115

Drug prevention among young people
Sima Parizi
Page No. 116-120

Thermochemistry of Platinum Fluorides: A Computational Study
Robson F. de Farias
Page No. 121-124

Effect of salicylic acid and drought stress on crop yield
Maryam Barahuyi Nikju
Page No. 125-132

Ammonia capture by pure and Co(II), Mn(II), Cr(III) and Al(III) modified vanadyl phosphates
José C.V. de Miranda, Robson F. de Farias
Page No. 133-138

The effect of auxin and cytokinesis hormones on some characteristics of crop plants
Saeedeh Ghorbani
Page No. 139-145

Influence of gibberellin and drought stress on biological and grain yield of wheat
Mohsen Arabshahi, Hamid Reza Mobasser
Page No. 146-149

Effect of gibberellin on Plant height and 1000 grain weight of wheat
Mohsen Arabshahi, Hamid Reza Mobasser
Page No. 150-153

Effect of drought stress and gibberellin on some characteristics of wheat
Mohsen Arabshahi, Hamid Reza Mobasser, Mohammad Reza Naroui Rad
Page No. 154-158