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Spectrophotometric study of the interaction between a novel benzothiazolethioglycoside as antimicrobial agent with bovine serum albumin

Abstract This study is concerned with the interaction of a newly synthesized antimicrobial agent (BTT) with bovine serum albumin (BSA). BTT is a novel benzothiazolethioglycosides that was prepared via reaction of the benzothiazole and 2-thioxoimidazolidin-4-one thiolate salts with tri- acetylated cyclic xylopyranosyl bromide. It was tested for antimicrobial activity against different bacteria and fungi and it exhibited interesting high antibacterial activities against Gram +ve bacteria while it showed no antibacterial activities against Gram -ve bacteria nor antifungal activity.

Spectrophotometry was the tool to elucidate the reaction product at pH 4 using Britton-Robinson buffer where the method was linear over the range 10-40 µg/mL. The develop method was validated using ICH guidelines and it was proved to be accurate and precise. BTT and BSA complex provides a model for revealing drug-protein interactions that helps the study of drug metabolism and transportation and can be a useful director for further drug design.

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