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Physico-chemical Evaluation of Selected Bottle Waters Produced in Nnewi North Metropolis, Nigeria

Abstract Evaluation of physic-chemical characteristics of water quality of some bottle waters produced in Nnewi-North metropolis was carried out with the intent of establishing the portability and quality of these bottle water supplied to the public. Water samples were purchased from those shops around Nkwo Nnewi  and Okpunoegbu. The physico-chemical parameters were analyzed using various standard methods. The range of values obtained from the parameters were: pH (6.53-7.01), conductivity (0.16-1.07μcm-1), TDS (ND-0.08mg/l), TSS (ND-0.11mg/l),  TS (ND-0.19mg/l), chloride (10.00-100.00mg/l), sulphate (89.00-100.00mg/l), nitrate (1.00-10.00mg/l), nitrite (ND-0.07mg/l), magnesium (ND-0.19mg/l), iron (0.09-0.28mg/l), zinc (1.99-4.88), copper (ND-0.98mg/l), cadmium (ND), lead (ND), methyl red alkalinity (8.00-19.00mg/l), residual chloride (ND-0.10mg/l), and hardness (10.00-112.0mg/l). All the parameters so determined were within or slightly above the Nigeria Industrial Standard(NIS) 2008. The hardness value of (112mg/l), though higher than the NIS standard do not pose a health hazard. In fact, the National Research Council (National Academy of Science) states that hard drinking water generally contributes a small amount towards total calcium and magnesium human dietary needs.

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