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Ion-exchange synthesis of Cr (III), Co(II) and Hg(I) doped dolomite for H2S capture

Abstract In the present work, Cr (III), Co(II) and Hg(I) doped dolomite are employed as H2S capture agents. The X-ray diffractions pattern shows that nor the doping process neither the H2S capture have affected the nanostructure of dolomite.  The gravimetric obtained results for hydrogen sulfide capture are: 2.4 mg/g (DOL-Cr), 8.8 mg/g (DOL-Co), and 2.4 mg/g(DOL-Hg). The un-doped dolomite exhibits a H2S capture capacity of only 0.4 mg/g.  The FTIR results suggest that the higher H2S capture capacity of the cobalt-doped sample, could be related with the presence of pre-adsorbed water molecules.

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